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Kickstart your music making journey today.

It may seem difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Audio Bus provides courses built specifically for beginners, with access to years of professional knowledge in a matter of weeks, making your journey easier and much more fun.

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About Us

Audio Bus is a creative space based in Cairo, focused mainly on introducing music enthusiasts to the world of music production and composition, providing them with the basic knowledge needed to navigate this world and further develop their skills. 

In the information age of today, self-learning and developing new skills has never been easier if you put your mind to it. But with information scattered all over the place, it might be a slow and demotivating process.

Our goal is to ensure that our students are equipped with all the information and tools needed to enhance their skills in a faster and more enjoyable way.

The Ultimate Beginners Course

Regardless of whether you have a musical/artistic background or not, the Audio Bus Ultimate Beginners Course will provide you with all the basic knowledge you need to start producing your own music.

In this course, you will learn…


  • Basic knowledge of studio environment & equipment

  • In-depth understanding of music production software (Ableton Live)

  • Sound design and manipulation (synthesizers & samplers)

  • Creating beats, melodies, basslines, and chords

  • Audio recording and editing

  • Fundamentals of mixing

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