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Advanced Sound Design

Whether you are a starting or professional producer, or even a practicing musician, this 2-week program will provide you with all the sound design skills needed to better translate musical ideas in your head to the box, creating your own unique sounds from scratch.

This course will shed light on the following topics...


You will gain in-depth knowledge on how synthesizers are built, how they work and how to functionally use them to recreate sounds you heard or in your head. You will understand the difference between subtractive and FM (frequency modulation) synthesis and when to use each type of synthesis based on real-life examples.


You will be focusing on how to create your own sound library from either recorded sounds or existing sounds from within your project. It does not stop at recording or resampling, but you will know how to completely manipulate any sample into any other sound with just a few simple techniques and concepts applied.

Audio Effects Processing

The art of effects processing is not only manipulating any incoming signal, but as part of sound design, it can be used to change the root character of any sound. You will understand what effects can be used to alter the harmonics or dynamics of a sound, as some synth patches completely rely on the use of audio effects.


You will learn how to design complex patches by layering different synths and/or samples on top of each other, and the thought process involved in selecting the right tones, samples and effects needed.

Hardware Synths & Samplers

You will explore the world of analog and digital synthesizers in the real world. You will be able to apply your knowledge on the concept of synthesis to any subtractive or FM synthesizer, and how to perform and jam with them.

Course Details


2 weeks - 5 sessions - 12hrs


Basic understanding of music production and use of DAW (preferably Ableton Live)

Laptop and headphones and MIDI keyboard.


Classes will be held at the Audio Bus studio located at YTRC Maadi, but only very limited spots will be available. Payment must be made in order to guarantee a spot in the class. Registration alone does not guarantee any spots.

Ableton Live 11 Suite (we can help with installing the software)

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