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Intro to Music Composition

From composing, to improvising, to performing and listening. This 3-week course is concerned with introducing and improving people’s access to music composition and creativity. Our focus is to develop a solid background to how music is composed by introducing all the necessary tools required.

This course will shed light on the following topics...

Songwriting and composition

You'll be learning the process of how a song is formed and composed by understanding the tools to do it and how to use them. 

In-depth understanding of musical scales

You will gain the ability to play any possible scale needed, as well as advance in the instrument that you're learning.

Working with chords, melodies and harmony

These are the fundamental requirements for any song. You will learn the relationship between them and how they fit together to create a good composition.

Song structure and arrangement

You’ll be expanding your knowledge on how songs are structured and put together, by listening to different genres and understanding how they’re arranged.


Most compositions start by improvisation. Once you know a little bit about music theory,  you'll be able to start improvising, composing and enjoy playing with other musicians.


This course is written and taught by Karim El Zanfally, who started his music journey 18 years ago. Originally a guitarist, he has been actively composing and producing for more than 10 years, and more recently composing for and performing with Alan-K, an Egyptian indie band.

Course Details


3 weeks - 6 sessions - 12hrs


Laptop, headphones and MIDI keyboard.

No previous experience is required.


Classes will be held at the Audio Bus studio located at YTRC Maadi, but only very limited spots will be available. Payment must be made in order to guarantee a spot in the class. Registration alone does not guarantee any spots.

Ableton Live 11 Suite (we can help with installing the software)

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